July 2015 Newsletter

Got a summer reading list? There’s no better place to start than Wake County.

In Wake County, we love our libraries and we have one of the best systems anywhere:

  • Wake County Public Libraries rank 6th out of 1,701 systems in circulation in North America, and that includes Canada.
  • They operate at a lower per capita cost than the statewide average.
  • The print circulation in 2013 was 10,679,350. The second highest in the state was Mecklenburg County coming in at 4,470,886.

The Wake County Public library System has a total of 19 libraries:

  • 263,543 kids participated in reading programs last year.
  • Last year the door count in Wake County Public libraries was 3,758,990.

The FY16 budget included funds to support our newest library, the Northeast Regional Library, which will open next year:

  • The budget also provided increases to the book budget, so we can read even more.

Even kids can join in on the summer reading fun…and become a hero in the process!

The Wake County public Library System is also having a summer reading program, because “Every Hero Has a Story!”:

  • June 1-July 31, 2015.
  • Kids ages 0 and up through the 11th grade and beyond can participate and win prizes.
  • Even adults are welcome to participate in special programs.
  • Click here to access the Book Lists!
  • For more information, visit the Summer Reading Program page.
  • If you are looking for more specific events involved with “Every Hero Has a Story,” click here, or click the picture below to watch a youtube video.

If you need some musical inspiration to get you reading, click below to check out a video made by students at Martin Middle School!

News and Notes

An update on the Athens Drive Library:

  • The Wake County Public School System and Wake County have jointly agreed to end public library service during the school day at Athens Drive High School. This move stems primarily from security challenges.
  • When the county first entered into an agreement with the school system in the early 1980s to create this unique hybrid library model, safety issues were vastly different than they are today.
  • Offering public library services in the center of a public school building poses a challenge to the school’s mission of maintaining campus safety during the instructional day. Restricting access to public library services poses a challenge to the library system’s mission of welcoming all citizens to its facilities.
  • I have asked county staff to look into alternatives to provide library services to the citizens who use Athens Drive.  They will be presenting their findings at our board meeting July 6th at 2:00pm in the Justice Center, and I will have a public meeting to discuss the proposals at the library on July 9th at 7:00pm.

Thanks so much,

Caroline Sullivan, Vice Chair, Wake County Commission