August 2015 Newsletter

Wake County is growing.

Each year we add 25,000 residents.  Every day 44 more people move into Wake County than leave and 20 more are born than die. That is 64 more citizens every day.  We reached 1 million residents last summer and are projected to double in population by 2044. We fully expect this growth to continue so Wake County, along with other partners, is in the process of forming a Transit Plan that will address the transportation needs of our growing community.

Click on the link below to learn more about the background and process.

Please take a couple minutes to view the following video ( on the Wake Transit Choices Report. Remember that the four transit choices laid out in the report are not actual transit plans, but illustrations of the choices that must be made as we form the final plan.  We expect that there will be parts of all four choices in the final plan.

Your feedback is welcomed and needed!

After reviewing the Background Process and Video, we would like to request that you provide your feedback on the Wake Transit Choices. We are having meetings around the county to discuss the transit planning process. These meetings are open to the public, so please come out and share your opinions. Below is a Link to the calendar (  We would like to hear your thoughts.  You can go to the website and take the survey under feedback.  You can also pick up a hard copy at any Wake County Library, fill it out and give it to library staff.

Thanks so much,

Caroline Sullivan,

Vice Chair, Wake County Commission