State of Employment for Women

Earlier this month, the Wake County Commission for Women (“WCCW”) released State of Employment for Women in Wake Countyto the Board of Commissioners.

The WCCW report made several key findings which include: the median earnings for women over 25 in Wake County are only 69 percent of that for men, which is 10 percent below the national average; more than 79,000 women have only a high school diploma and in 2014, half of these women lived in poverty; and very few resources are available to women in Wake County looking for a job after taking a break from work for an extended period of time for reasons like illness, child rearing or taking care of a family member.

It’s statistics like these that show the importance for the Wake County Board of Commissioners to work with community members in closing the gender wage gap and addressing other pressing issues women face in the workforce.

From the Wake County press release:

The WCCW recommends creating a task force to take action on its recommendations and evoke real change in our community.

I am currently working in collaboration with the Wake County Commission for Women and my colleagues on the Board of Commissioners to appoint a task force to address these issues.

Read Wake County’s full press release or download the entire report.